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 Raiding 101

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PostSubject: Raiding 101   Tue Mar 31, 2009 9:38 am

*disclaimer* by no way am I claiming to be an expert on the following subject but I wanted to start a thread to help out those people who are relatively new to wow and explain some group and raiding basics. Feel free to add to the list or make corrections or disagree if you so choose.

Before a Group or Raid:
You should try to remember the following things before you start a dungeon:
1. Do you have reagents you need?
2. Did you repair before starting?
3. Did you pick up any relevant quests?
4. Do you have regen food or is there a mage in the group to set out a table? (or someone able to provide a feast)
5. Do you have specialized food with you? (food to add stam, spell power, crit...etc.)
6. Do you have elixirs and flasks? (elixirs and flasks are usually only used during raids as they tend to be expensive. Both of these provide boosts to def, stam, spell power, crit and various other attributes)
7. Do you have the right gear on? Some people switch back and forth between specs or between pve and pvp...make sure you have the right pve gear on for your spec.
8. Did you do your homework? If you are going to a raid for the first time, did you look up strats or videos online for the bosses you're going to be encountering? It's extremely helpful if everyone in the raid knows what to expect.
9. Do you have enough time to run whatever dungeon you are running? If you're not sure how long it'll take, ask someone.

Terms explained

FF = focus fire. The purpose of marking mobs is so that all dps are focused on the same target and the mobs die quicker. eg. kill skull first, x second, circle third...etc.

Kill order. Designates the order in which mobs will be killed.

CC = crowd control. Crowd control can be any number of skills used on a mob to incapacitate them for a peroid of time. Some examples are a rogues SAP, Ret pally's REPENTANCE, Locks BANISHMENT, Priests CHAINS. Please be aware of which mob is being CC'd and try to avoid attacking that target or using an AoE which might disrupt the CC.

AoE = Area of Effect. Any skill or ability which does damage in a radius. This is used for attacking multiple mobs at the same time. Examples are: Mage = blizzard, Paladin = consecration, etc.

Wipe Recovery. Any skill or spell that enables the group to be rezzed without having to run back in. Examples would be a warlocks soulstone cast upon a rezzer, a paladin's divine intervention cast upon a rezzer, Shaman's anhk.

Raid Leader - the person in charge of the raid and setting up assists and Master looter, etc.

Raid Assist - a Raid Leader can assign assist duties to any number of people in the raid. An assist can mark mobs, move people around in groups and whatever else they need to do to help the raid leader

Master Looter - when looting is set on master looter, this person is in charge of handing out the loot from a mob or boss after it drops. Other people can see the loot but the option for need or greed does not show up. The master looter will generally post a link showing the first item and ask people to roll on it. Once a winner has been determined, the master looter can assign that loot to that person and it will automatically be sent to their inventory. Sometimes loot can be assigned via rolling and based on DKP which I'll talk about next.

DKP - A very old term (but not as old as I am) which stands for Dragon Kill Points. DKP are points that raiders earn for various things and can then be spent on loot when it drops. Some examples of how DKP points are earned are: showing up on time for a scheduled raid, time accrued over the course of a raid, downing a boss, completing an entire raid, making donations to the guild bank...pretty much whatever the officers and guild leader decide. Dragon Clan have not yet decided how they are going to work DKP as we are just now getting ready to start raiding.

Situational Awareness - basically...pay attention so that you don't get everyone killed or annoyed.

Last but not least...

This is a game...it's supposed to be fun. crap happens. Everyone makes mistakes...don't stress over it.
Also, don't think we are going to bight your head of if you ask questions (like if you don't know how the boss fight goes) we will be more then happy to answer your questions.
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Raiding 101
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